Hipp recalls vegetable pasta for babies

Hipp recalls baby pasta dishes for babies

The food manufacturer for children's food "Hipp" has recalled a pasta dish for infants and young children from the trade. According to the group, "clumps" were found in random samples. This could lead to difficulty swallowing in babies. For this reason, goods already purchased should not be given to the child to eat, but should be returned to the supermarket for a refund of the purchase price, the company in Pfaffenhofen said. In the worst case, the food could get stuck in the neck of young children.

The recall explicitly affects the "All sorts of vegetables with mini pasta and tender organic beef" from the batch "L125192" with a best before date of May 27, 2013 and article number "9930".

Food can get stuck in the throat. The cup contains 2x 190 grams. The manufacturer recommends baby food for children from the age of six months. Such clumping of food at this age can cause problems with swallowing. In the worst case, the food could get stuck through the lumps in the throat. "In order to rule out any risk for babies, the product will be recalled from the sale," said the baby food producer Hipp in a press release. Parents should take the warning seriously, as food waste in the throat can lead to suffocation at worst. Consumers can return pasta that has already been purchased with a specified batch for a refund of the cost. As Hipp stressed, all other products are not affected by the recall. (sb)

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