Stomach problems from morning coffee

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Nutrition expert: Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach, otherwise you may experience stomach pain

If you eat sweet, sour or bitter food or drinks in the morning on an empty stomach, you can quickly suffer from stomach problems. This also applies to coffee, which many people drink in the morning without eating. With a few pieces of advice, however, heartburn and stomach pain can be prevented.

If you drink your first coffee in the morning on an empty stomach, you can quickly suffer from stomach problems. "The roast substances in coffee stimulate the acid formation in the stomach", as nutritionist Urte Brink from Bergisch Gladbach explained. The symptoms may be a burning sensation in the stomach or heartburn in the esophagus. "Especially black coffee with sugar without a base is a real acid loosener and often not easily digestible," reports the ecotrophologist.

Bread and water alleviate complaints
With a few tricks, the complaints can be countered even without medication. Anyone who eats at least a little bread before drinking coffee and mixes the coffee with normal milk can mitigate the acid effects. In addition, an espresso is "much better tolerated than filter coffee". Often there is also a stomachache, "if the coffee is drunk with juice on an empty stomach." Instead, a glass of tap water can be drunk with the coffee, as is also done in Italy, for example.

Comply with the personal tolerance limit
Listening to the gut feeling is also important. The expert advises not to ignore the individual tolerance limit. “One or two cups of coffee are usually well tolerated.” If you drink more, you may be able to feel the often unpleasant side effects of caffeine. These include, for example, rapid heartbeat, restlessness or excessive sweating. From practical experience, Brink reports that people who have a thermos coffee every day suffer more from stomach problems, inner restlessness and sleep disorders.

Those who often complain of stomach pain after just a glass or two of latte macchiato could suffer from lactose intolerance. If the acceptance is confirmed by a doctor, coffee drinkers can switch to milk without lactose or soy milk. People who generally suffer from nervousness, sleep disorders, heartburn or hyperhidrosis should best do without coffee. (sb)

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