Women often suffer from the time change

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A survey found that women experience the clock change more often than men

The time change is particularly troublesome for women. Sleep disorders and entertaining problems with the rhythm of sleep are symptoms that can occur after a change from summer to winter. This is reported by the health insurance company KKH-Allianz, which commissioned a survey study from the opinion and research institute Forsa.

Winter time starts next Sunday. Then the clocks are reset by one hour at 3:00 in the morning. The change from summer to winter time can lead to slight complaints for many people. According to a representative Forsa survey, women in particular are affected by this phenomenon. For example, 46 percent of the female survey participants stated that they suffer from entertaining sleep rhythm problems due to the change in time. According to the results, it was “only 36 percent” among men.

In further questions, those affected stated that they "need several days to find their normal sleep pattern again". Nine percent of women and four percent of men even stated that they "suffered heavily from the time change".

In order to alleviate the complaints, the health fund advises "not to oversleep the days", but to be active in the fresh air. Long walks can help boost the cardiovascular system and strengthen the immune system. "In addition, sunlight is important for the formation of vitamin D, another natural helper against the risk of colds," says Georg Baur from the KKH-Allianz service team in Memmingen. Those who feel physically balanced in the evening can master the changeover phase better. In October, 1014 adults of different ages took part in the survey. Doctors also believe that the change in time favors winter depression. (sb)

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