Do not take Echinacea excessively with colds

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Cold time: Do not take Echinacea & Nasturtium herb excessively

Runny nose, cough, hoarseness - the cold is just around the corner. When it begins, many like to use so-called immune stimulants such as echinacea and nasturtium as well as vitamins and trace elements. Although they can help against weakening defense, excessive preventive use can sometimes do more harm than good. This is indicated by the HNOnet NRW, an association of established ear, nose and throat doctors in North Rhine-Westphalia.

"Preventive immunostimulants also run the risk of overlooking the root causes of the immune deficiency," explains Dr. Uso Walter, ENT doctor from Duisburg and chairman of the HNOnet-NRW. "Today there are many diseases such as allergies in which the immune system reacts incorrectly and thus favors infections." The most important goal is therefore always to identify possible causes and treat them in a targeted manner. Herbal medicines and regulatory therapies can also be used sensibly, but just because a cold occurs, the immune system is not fundamentally bad.

In autumn and winter, cold fingers, toes, nose and ears favor colds because they weaken the local immune system and invading viruses have an easy time of it. But also mucous membranes that become dry due to heating air, which are otherwise responsible for the removal of pathogens from the nose, are a cause of colds. Appropriate clothing and adequate moistening of the mucous membranes therefore provide better protection against colds than immune stimulants. However, absolute protection is not possible and sniffing etc. is simply part of life in winter. A flu vaccination in autumn reliably protects against the dangerous real flu.

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