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NRW School Minister awards "Good Healthy School" in the Rhein-Sieg district

For the fifth time, educational institutions in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) that place special emphasis on health prevention have been awarded “Good Healthy Schools”. The award is presented by the Unfallkasse NRW under the patronage of NRW School Minister Sylvia Löhrmann. This year, the Siegburg Community Elementary School North was also delighted to receive prize money of 7,200 euros.

Award for "Good Healthy School" is rewarded with prize money
Since 2007, the Unfallkasse NRW has been awarding prizes to educational institutions that pay particular attention to health promotion and prevention. The sponsor of the "Good Healthy School" award is NRW School Minister Sylvia Löhrmann. This year 256 schools applied for the annual school development prize, for which a total of 600,000 euros in prize money is available. Depending on the size of the school, an educational institution can host up to 15,000 Received a bonus as a bonus. In 2012, 59 schools with just under 40,000 students benefited from the award. So far, 255 schools in NRW have been awarded as "Good Healthy School", 61 have even received the award several times.

"The many applications for the award show that more and more schools are taking innovative and creative ways to raise awareness of their own health among children and adolescents and to anchor preventive concepts in everyday school life," explained the school minister.

"The school development award for a good healthy school is unique in Germany. In view of the fact that the school landscape is undergoing a great change - inclusion and new forms of school are only part of these new challenges - we are very pleased that schools are tackling the topic of "good healthy school" with their application, "reports Gabriele Pappai, spokeswoman for the management of the Unfallkasse Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Siegburg Community Elementary School North honored as "Good Healthy School" This year, seven schools from the Rhein-Sieg district are also pleased to receive the award. Birgit Schäfer, headmistress of the Siegburg Community Elementary School North, is very pleased with the award and said to the "General -Anzeiger ":" This is a reward and recognition for seven years of continuous school development work that we have done in many different projects. " The school has integrated numerous campaigns and projects to promote health into the classroom, such as the EU School Fruit Program and the Prevention Program Class 2000. In addition, there is a weekly project day on health issues at the Siegburg Community Elementary School North. The prize money of 7,200 euros will be used for the creation of an outdoor class with a terrace, benches and sun sail as part of the school yard redesign. The Unfallkasse NRW was particularly impressed by the sum of the innovative approaches combined with the successful use of the school's own resources. The jury came to the community school for a day to get an idea of ​​everyday school life.

Other award winners from the Rhein-Sieg district include another elementary school from Siegburg, the Hans-Alfred-Keller school in Deichhaus, the Max & Moritz school in Sankt Augustin-Menden, the forest school in Lohmar, the community elementary school in Wolperath-Schönau in Neunkirchen- Seelscheid, the star school in Troisdorf-Spich and the Nikolaus school in Bornheim-Waldorf.

“The award-winning schools exemplify that quality in school education and health promotion are closely related. The many applications for the award show that more and more schools are taking innovative and creative ways to raise awareness of their own health among children and young people and to embed preventive concepts in everyday school life, ”says School Minister Sylvia Löhrmann, praising the commitment of the schools. "I am very pleased that the Unfallkasse NRW has been included as a long-term reliable partner in the forthcoming school law amendment law in the list of associations involved in the school ministry. With awards such as Good Healthy School, it makes a contribution to school development in North Rhine-Westphalia in addition to the excellent schools. ”

Even schools that did not apply this year could receive good impulses for positive school development from their participation, according to the Unfallkasse NRW in its press release. "With our school development award, we want to bring prevention and health promotion to schools, because health and well-being have been shown to have a positive effect on the development of skills and success in school for children and adolescents and promote the ability of teachers to work," emphasizes Gabriele Pappai. (ag)

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