Recall: There could be broken glass in the ham

Kaufland branches are recalling “K-Classic” beer ham from retailers

The Kaufland supermarket chain is calling back the beer ham of its “K-Classic” house brand. The group could not rule out that glass splinters got into the product. So far, Kaufland has not disclosed how the dangerous production error occurred.

Beer ham of the Kaufland house brand "K-Classic" affected
"It cannot be completely ruled out that there are small pieces of glass in individual packs of the best-before date that can lead to injuries when consumed," says Kaufland on his website. The type of sausage concerned is "K-Classic delicacy beer ham top quality" gold foil stack pack 200g with the best-before date of 8/10/12, 9/10/12 and 10 October 12. The beer ham was taken out of the shop as a precaution. Consumers who have already bought the product can return the sausage to any Kaufland branch without presenting the receipt. The purchase price will be refunded. The consumption of the named batches is not recommended. The splinters could lead to health consequences for the consumer.

With the precautionary reputation of the ham, "the company lives up to its high quality standards and the associated consumer confidence in its products," says the Kaufland press release. The group has set up a free hotline for further information: Tel. 0800-1528352. (ag)

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