Chinese medicine reduces insulin

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Reduce insulin requirements with Chinese medicine: drug formulations and proper nutrition help diabetes patients

Dramatic increase Overweight, increased "junk food" consumption, reduced physical activity - all factors that experts attribute to a doubling of the seven million diabetes cases in Germany within the next ten years. Affected people can often come to terms with a disease-based diet and lifestyle. But many fear the idea that they may have to inject insulin at some point. Chinese medicine offers help here: as an adjunct therapy to conventional medicine treatment, it reduces the daily insulin requirement and provides helpful tips for a balanced nutritional balance.

While type 1 diabetes autoimmune processes destroy the insulin-producing cells of the pancreas, type 2 diabetes is a metabolic disorder that is usually associated with obesity and high blood pressure. The body cells no longer respond properly to insulin, so that the pancreas produces more and more insulin to compensate and is exhausted in the long run. Medications help improve the responsiveness of cells to insulin and adjust blood sugar levels.

Traditional medical care receives support from Chinese therapy, which works with the concept of tan, a comprehensive treatment concept. “In Chinese medicine, tan stands for substances that elude physiological clarification and excretion and thus clog supply and disposal channels. Methods such as Chinese medicine therapy, acupuncture, body therapies and Qi Gong strengthen the material clarification function, ”says TCM expert Dr. Christian Schmincke. Chinese medicinal plants, the most important tool of TCM, activate cleaning processes in the tissue and remove material transport obstacles between blood and cell. This improves the metabolism and increases the effectiveness of insulin therapy. Thanks to the metabolic clarifying effects of Chinese medicines, the administration of insulin can usually be significantly reduced.

Even with type 1 diabetes, the insulin requirement in individual cases drops by up to 50 percent and blood sugar fluctuations are balanced. This effect is particularly evident in type 2 diabetes. "In some cases it is even possible to completely stop diabetes medication with a simultaneously improved and stable sugar profile and increased vitality," adds the doctor, who specializes in Chinese medicine.

In addition, every diabetic patient contributes to a careful selection of foods to keep an eye on their eating habits. Chinese dietetics, for example, recommends avoiding an excess of animal proteins. Too much meat and dairy products such as milk, curd cheese and cheese can lead to the accumulation of tan and thus slow down tissue cleaning. Instead, whole grain cereals and a varied consumption of vegetables are sufficient to meet human protein requirements. (pm)

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