More people die on birthdays

More people die on birthdays than on other days

Increased stress and too much alcohol are said to be responsible for the fact that the probability of dying on the birthday is almost 14 percent higher than on all other days of the year. This was the result of a study by the University of Zurich.

Men are particularly at risk due to increased alcohol consumption on their birthday. Those who spend their birthday relaxed and without extensive preparation can count themselves lucky. Because according to the scientist Vladeta Ajdacic-Gross and her team, increased stress and alcohol consumption lead to an increased risk of death on the day of honor. This is reported by the “Apotheken Umschau”. Especially in men, too much alcohol leads to a 29 percent higher risk of dying from accidents on the day of honor. The risk of suicide is also increased, especially in men.

The researchers at the University of Zurich analyzed the death data of two million Swiss from 1969 to 2008 and came to the conclusion that the probability of dying on their birthday is increased by almost 14 percent.

Stress on the birthday causes more fatal heart attacks and strokes In older people, the researchers saw the cause of the increased likelihood of death on the day of honor, particularly in stress, which often occurs around the day of honor. "The total surplus of deaths on the birthday was 13.8 percent, mainly due to cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases (more in women than in men) as well as suicides and accidents (especially in men)," the scientists wrote in the journal in August " Annals of Epidemiology ". Heart attacks, strokes, suicides and accidents are the most common causes of death on birthdays.

Ajdacic-Gross and her team registered a total of 18.6 percent more fatal heart attacks than on other days. 21.5 percent more strokes would also occur in women on their day of honor. "Unexpectedly, we also found an excess of cancer deaths," the researchers write.

The study results contradict the assumption that many sick people try to celebrate their last birthday and then die. Rather, the increased stress, which especially older people suffered on their day of honor, leads to increased death rates, the researchers report. (ag)

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