Aggressive due to trans fats in fast food

Every child knows that fast food is unhealthy. American scientists have recently found that so-called trans fatty acids, which are contained in industrially produced foods such as fast food or baked goods, not only make you fat but also aggressive.

Trans fats favor cardiovascular diseases For some time now, nutritionists have been warning against so-called trans fats, which are mainly found in fast foods and baked goods. On the one hand, they increase the LDL value, the so-called bad cholesterol, but at the same time they also lead to a reduction in the HDL level in the blood serum, the so-called good cholesterol. The consequences often include arteriosclerosis, which leads to an increased risk of stroke and heart attack. Now scientists from the University of California in San Diego are reporting for the first time on another effect of trans fats. In the journal "PLos ONE" they write that trans fatty acids are associated with increased impatience, increased irritability and aggressiveness.

For their study, the scientists from California examined the effects of trans fats on the behavior of around 1,000 test subjects. Beatrice Golomb and her team revealed that the study participants, whose diet consisted of foods with many trans-fatty acids, reacted significantly more aggressively and irritably compared to the test subjects with a healthier diet. According to researchers, gender, age and ethnic origin played no role in this. A high consumption of trans fatty acids even leads to a more aggressive behavior than excessive alcohol consumption, according to the researchers

Food industry often uses artificially hardened fats with trans fats Trans fats are artificially hardened fats and are mainly found in fast foods, margarine, cookies and fried foods. They are often used in the food industry because they are cheaper than other fats. However, the human body cannot process and break down the artificially hardened fats. If the note "contains hardened vegetable fat" is listed in the list of ingredients of a product, this is also a reference to trans fatty acids.

The scientists recommend avoiding trans fatty acids in food for schools, prisons or other institutions. Golomb and her colleagues report that the harmful effects could affect not only consumers but also their fellow human beings. Food manufacturers should also take the research results into account and avoid artificially hardened fats - even if they are cheaper than other fats. The German Nutrition Society (DGE) also advises that you consume as few trans fatty acids as possible. (ag)

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