Experts: Keep an eye on children on the beach

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Child safety instructions on the beach

The tragedy surrounding the death of the ten-year-old boy on Amrum makes it clear that even supposedly harmless play areas sometimes pose deadly risks. The boy had probably dug a deep hole in the sand and was subsequently buried in it.

More safety for children
Experts from the Federal Working Group (BAG) have pointed out possible dangers when playing on the beach. The BAG project manager, Inke Ruhe, emphasized that parents should always keep an eye on their children when playing in the sand in order to avoid dangerous situations. As such, "laying in a hole that you have dug yourself" should be understood. Because the children could be buried, as was the case with ten-year-old Sebastian on Amrum.

Always keep an eye on children
According to the experts, sand is well suited as a playground for children and is by no means classified as dangerous. According to Inke Ruhe, sand is "in principle a good foundation and absorbs falls much better than a hard surface." But parents should keep an eye on some potential risks, because unsupervised play on the beach can be very dangerous. For example, it is particularly important that the children keep a sufficient distance from the waterline when digging, because "if the tide comes in, it can easily happen that the children are circled like on an island," warned the BAG project manager. In addition, there is a risk that broken glass or other objects (e.g. cigarette ends) are in the sand and can be put into the mouth or swallowed by small children. Therefore, the parents should run off the playground before the digging fun and check for potentially dangerous objects, according to the expert on child safety.

Examine playgrounds on the beach
Furthermore, according to the expert, parents should check the playground equipment at playgrounds on the beach before use, since it "is more susceptible to corrosion due to sand and moisture" than at urban playgrounds. Rusted or squeaky devices are a warning signal here. However, the greatest danger in the playground generally does not arise from the play equipment itself, but from falls, for example from the climbing frame, the BAG expert explained. I catch you ', so calm on. In this way the child is incapacitated and does not learn to assess its own abilities. Instead, the child safety expert recommends that parents give their child time to explore their own strengths. Because with a good assessment of your own abilities, the risk of injury decreases. (fp)

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