Contained alcohol in cola

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Assumption confirmed: Cola contains alcohol

According to a new French study, cola contains small amounts of alcohol. This was announced by the French national consumer institute INC in Paris on Wednesday. Up to ten milligrams of alcohol per liter of beverage were found in the 19 products examined.

Up to ten milligrams of alcohol per liter of cola After Muslims had already speculated in several Internet forums whether cola could be combined with their religious regulations, it is now official: Cola contains small amounts of alcohol. In extensive tests of 19 different cola drinks, the national French consumer institute INC was able to demonstrate that up to ten milligrams of alcohol per liter of drink were contained in 10 products. This affects both industry leaders Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The head of the scientific department at Coca-Cola France, Michel Pépin, explained that alcohol can only be produced during manufacture. Certain types of fruit also contained the smallest amounts of alcohol. However, the recipe or a list of ingredients for the production of Coca-Cola is kept secret by the company.

A spokeswoman for Pepsi emphasized that the recipe for her cola did not contain alcohol. However, it cannot be ruled out that “tiny amounts” of alcohol are contained in Pepsi.

Cola dye may be carcinogenic? The 4-MEI dye component of Coca Cola's cola drink may be carcinogenic. The California health agency "OEHHA" found in a test with laboratory mice that the administration of the substance resulted in an increased incidence of lung cancer. However, Coca-Cola disagrees. According to the group, there are no studies that would provide evidence that 4-MEI can cause cancer in humans. In addition, a cola consumer had to consume around 2900 doses of the drink every day for over 70 years in order to achieve the amount the mice received. 4-MEI is contained in the cola caramel.

The company "asked" the dye producer to change the production accordingly so that the 4-MEI content is reduced. Otherwise, Coca-Cola in California should have posted warnings. (ag)

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