No naturopathy without naturopath

Medical anthropologist Dr. Noseck-Licul criticizes the current health policy's demand for proof of effectiveness and study evidence for traditional medicine

"Without naturopaths, naturopathy is inconceivable, without it it is lost!" Was the plea by Heinz Kropmanns, President of the Association of German Naturopaths (VDH) and organizer of the German Naturopathic Congress. In the opening lecture, the medical anthropologist Dr. Michaela Noseck-Licul's thesis: "Traditional, naturopathic knowledge is valuable and proves itself, so it is effective!" Experience counts less in today's conventional medicine because of its purely scientific approach, which is propagated under the name "evidence-based medicine". Experience in traditional medicine, however, makes it capable of action, allows risks to be assessed and therapists capable of treatment. The studies sponsored by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Health for the scientist and head of the Vienna Documentation Center for traditional and complementary healing methods prove: “Traditional medicine is characterized by long-standing and constantly updated experience. Knowledge of experience is practical knowledge. In the case of pure factual knowledge, on the other hand, the senses are switched off. “That is a disadvantage of current health policy with its ubiquitous demand for evidence of effectiveness and study evidence.

The focus of the two-day specialist event was a wide-ranging lecture program. More than 30 speakers from all over Germany will present diagnostic and therapeutic methods and provide information about new or proven alternative medical methods or procedures. The range of topics ranged from pain therapy to homeopathy, the illnesses of men and coping with stress and burnout. General prevention as a domain of naturopathy is also on the program. The accompanying industrial exhibition with around 250 exhibitors from the biological-pharmaceutical and medical-technical companies and suppliers of naturopathic products, services and devices formed the platform for a lively exchange of views between manufacturers and users.

According to the current status (2010) of the Federal Statistical Office, around 32,000 alternative practitioners, including 23,000 alternative practitioners, are licensed in Germany. That means more than doubling compared to 2001 (14,000 / 9,000). The profession of alternative practitioner remains a woman's domain. An estimated 60,000 patients visit an alternative practitioner nationwide every day; That is around 15 million treatments a year, which relieves billions of dollars each year because medical treatments generally have to be paid for privately by the patient.

Around 1,800 alternative practitioners and alternative practitioners from all over southern Germany accepted the invitation of the umbrella organization of German Alternative Practitioners' Associations (DDH) and filled the Karlsruhe Exhibition and Congress Center (KMK). "Naturopathy - more current than ever" was the current motto of the specialist event, which took place for the 22nd time in a row in the Baden metropolis. (pm)

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