Antitrust law: new rules for health insurance companies?

Antitrust: On June 15, the Bundestag advises on first reading about new rules for health insurance companies

The Siemens company health insurance company SBK supports the current plans of the federal government to tighten antitrust and competition law for statutory health insurance companies. Two days before the first reading of the law in the Bundestag, the SBK promotes its approval to all parliamentary groups.

The "Draft Eighth Law Amending the Law Against Restrictions on Competition" will be published on Friday, June 15, in the Bundestag in
treated at first reading. It stipulates strict merger control regulations and assigns a key role to the cartel office. Exactly these
The SBK wants the cartel guards to play a key role in the healthcare market. In a fact sheet that was sent to the
Factions in the German Bundestag, the SBK sets out what actions the Bundeskartellamt is currently engaged in. For example, the cartel guards smashed a cartel on paper plates and chipboard, imposed fines on the manufacturers of detergents and instant cappuccino, and checked the mergers among potato suppliers, aerated concrete and inner can coatings. If one were to deny control over the 185 billion euro market of statutory health insurance companies, this would be out of proportion.

The project is controversial but not among the federal citizens. On behalf of the SBK, the polling institute forsa surveyed over 1,000 Germans: 76 percent believe that the cartel office should also supervise statutory health insurers more closely when it comes to mergers and contracts. Only 16 percent think there should be exceptions for the statutory health insurance companies.

And the SBK recommends another number to parliamentarians struggling for a decision: the energy transition will be up to 350 billion euros
cost by 2030, according to the latest estimate of the price for sustainable ecological electricity generation in Germany. The statutory health insurance companies also spend this amount in 2012 and 2013 alone.

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