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Private health insurance companies are now reimbursing the costs of homeopathic medicines

Cries for help from patients and doctors often reach the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ): Individual private health insurers (PKV) repeatedly refuse to reimburse homeopathic medicines. The insurers give different reasons for this: "These are dietary supplements that are not reimbursable", or "They are non-approved medicines", or else
"It is an ineffective drug."

A broad-based intervention by the DZVhÄ by circular to all PKVs based on a technical opinion prepared by the Scientific Society for Homeopathy (WissHom) on the reimbursement ability of homeopathic medicinal products within the scope of private health insurance was able to provide clear impulses: various PKVs expressly thanked for the well-founded clarification, the insurance-internal instructions have been adjusted and your staff in the performance department retrained accordingly.

Curt Kösters, spokesman for the Quality Promotion section of "WissHom", clarifies: "Homeopathic medicines are clearly defined as medicines in the Medicines Act (AMG). As such, they are subject to the law, regardless of whether they are approved with indication or registered, as is customary with individual medicines, without indication. ”All marketable medicines can be prescribed, regardless of whether they are approved conventional medicines or registered homeopathic or traditional medicines herbal medicine.

In the usual contracts of private insurers, the costs for prescribed medicines are reimbursed, as part of the outpatient medical treatment, insofar as the treatment is medically sensible and necessary. This is expressly not limited to conventional treatments. "It is not the insurance company that decides on the indication of medical therapy and the evaluation of its effectiveness, but the doctor treating it," concludes the Hamburg doctor Kösters. If health insurance refuses to cover the costs, those affected can contact the German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors: "arzts[email protected]" (pm)

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