Fish and folic acid during pregnancy

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Eat healthy during pregnancy

In order to guarantee the best possible care for the baby in the mother's belly, pregnant women should eat a healthy and balanced diet, as Michaela Bänsch, nutritionist and lecturer at the German University for Prevention and Health Management in Saarbrücken explained. She recommends women “a varied, nutrient-rich and rather low-fat diet,” says the expert.

Constant weight gain in pregnant women
Bänsch reports on studies such as the KIGGS study by the Robert Koch Institute in Berlin, which determined that the average weight of pregnant women has risen continuously in recent years. According to the nutritionist, the risk of obesity should be avoided. A good way to do this is to "pay attention to your personal energy balance". Contrary to what many women believe, the need for energy is increased by only 250 to 300 calories a day during pregnancy. For comparison: The increased calorie requirement corresponds approximately to a glass of orange juice or a slice of bread topped with sliced ​​cheese. In order to satisfy hunger healthily, foods with a high proportion of fiber should be consumed. "Eat lots of fruits and vegetables and whole grain products rich in fiber," says Bänsch. In addition, whole grains saturate very quickly and over a long period of time.

Fish is an important source of nutrients
Fish should definitely not be missing from the menu. "Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which promote the maturation of the nervous system and the development of intelligence and eyesight in children." However, fish should never be raw, but always cooked, fried or boiled to avoid dangerous infectious diseases. According to the latest studies, smoked fish should also be avoided during pregnancy. To prevent calcium deficiency, expectant mothers should eat calcium-rich foods such as curd cheese and dairy products. The expert also advises that the increased need for iron, zinc, iodine and vitamin B should be included in the diet planning. "The folic acid requirement of pregnant women is 100 percent higher than in any other phase of life." Most folic acid is found in green vegetables, milk, spinach, lettuce, beans, whole grain bread and nuts. (sb)

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