Use only a little woodruff for the Maibowle

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Health risk due to too much woodruff in the Maibowle

Woodruff is a classic part of the Maibowle. However, what many do not know - the substance coumarin contained in woodruff can harm health. The consumer information service "aid" in Bonn provides tips for preparing maybowl with woodruff.

Woodruff contains coumarin According to "aid", a maximum of three grams of woodruff should be contained in one liter of Maibowle. Because woodruff contains coumarin, which can be harmful to health if the dosage is too high. Affected people suffer from symptoms such as dizziness and vomiting, as well as a headache. Regular high consumption of woodruff can even lead to liver damage. At the same time, Waldmeister also has a fighting effect and euphoric effects of coumarin in small doses.

If you want to enjoy your Maibowle without worries, you should take a maximum brewing time of 20 minutes. The herb is then removed. Before that, it should be dried gently for a day or two so that it can develop its full aroma, according to the consumer information service “aid”. White wine, sparkling wine and some sugar are then added to the woodruff. If you want to avoid alcohol, you can use apple juice and mineral water instead.

Woodruff enthusiasts will find nature lovers in red beech forests and oak hornbeam forests. (ag)

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