Harmful bladder tea

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Bubble tea poses health risks

After a few days ago the health insurance technicians had already pointed out the possible health risks posed by the bubble tea, the Saxony Consumer Center is now warning of the brightly colored bubble tea.

Bubble tea is a real calorie bomb, carries an increased risk of ingestion and is anyway unsuitable for toddlers if it contains black tea, warn the experts. But young people are of little interest to such clues. They are magically drawn to the brightly colored appearance, the balls bursting on the tongue and the sweet taste of the new fashion drink. There is now a bubble tea bar in almost every shopping zone.

Bubble tea, liquid fattening agents Doctors, health insurers and consumer protection groups are extremely critical of the development of bubble tea as a cult drink among children and adolescents. The experts are particularly concerned about the high sugar and calorie content. "With 300 to 500 kilocalories, a small mug of bubble tea can replace a main meal," emphasized the Uta Viertel from the Saxony Consumer Center. With larger cups (500 milliliters), such as those offered in almost every bubble tea bar, the amount of calories consumed increases to 600 to 1,000 kilocalories. Bladder tea is therefore completely unsuitable as a thirst quencher, even if the description as a mixed tea drink suggests something different here. "The term tea is misleading for this drink," criticized consumer protector Uta Viertel. Because tea is usually a calorie-free infusion drink based on plant parts. Bubble Tea, originally from Taiwan, is made from green or black tea, the actual taste being achieved by a good dash of fruit syrup. The balls contained are made from the strength of the cassava root and are also saturated with fruit syrup.

Bubble tea increases the risk of being overweight The high fruit syrup or sugar content makes bubble tea a real calorie bomb, which is why the Techniker Krankenkasse described the fashion drink in its press release last Monday as a "liquid fattening agent". Already in 200 milliliters a third of a child's daily energy requirement is contained, according to the nutritionist of the TK, Mechthild Fröhlich. As a result, regular bubble tea drinking increases the risk of obesity and related complications such as cardiovascular problems or diabetes. Consumers must be aware that they are consuming “more a candy than a thirst quencher,” according to the TK nutrition expert. The consumer center in Saxony has also pointed out that bubble tea with black tea is unsuitable for children because of the caffeine it contains.

Warning of bubble tea required Like the professional association of pediatricians (BVKJ) already at the beginning of March, the consumer advice center in Saxony now points out the danger of choking on bubble tea in its current communication. "Bubble teas are even dangerous for toddlers," because "if the balls come into the lungs through the windpipe, they can cause health problems," said Uta Viertel. According to the BVKJ, in such situations the risk of lung collapse is at worst. Therefore, in the opinion of the consumer advice center, a corresponding warning notice should be made mandatory by law. (fp)

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