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Medical Day calls for the dual health insurance system to be maintained

The President of the German Medical Association, Dr. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, at the opening of the 115th German Medical Day at the State Theater in Nuremberg, voiced opinions on various political issues and hard-handed against the SPD and Greens. Her model of citizen insurance is the "turbocharger" for a two-class medicine, one of the criticisms of Montgomery.

According to the President of the German Medical Association, it would be naive to think that it could be prevented in our society "that free doctors, free patients and free insurance companies immediately build better care models for those who could afford them." Indirectly, Montgomery said that there is already a two-tier medicine today, but doctors like to ignore such details at the doctors' day - the main thing is that the communicated mood fits.

Abolition of the practice fee required The opening speech by the President of the German Medical Association looks a little like an election speech for the FDP. Almost all decisions that have been made by the federal ministers of health Philipp Rösler and Daniel Bahr in recent years have received high praise from Montgomery, while their predecessor Ulla Schmidt (SPD) has to take a few swipes. According to Montgomery, Rösler and Bahr have for the first time managed to solve the deficit problem of statutory health insurance (GKV), so that it is currently possible to discuss how to deal with the surpluses. Here, however, the President of the German Medical Association takes a different position than the Federal Minister of Health, who had asked the insurance companies to pay the surpluses to the insured in the form of premium refunds. Montgomery, however, advocated leaving the funds as a buffer for the next crisis with health insurance companies or using it to abolish the practice fee. The latter has "no measurable effect, only costs bureaucracy and burdens the patient-doctor relationship," said the President of the German Medical Association in his opening speech. With regard to the abolition of the practice fee, the Federal Minister of Health and Montgomery are again relatively close to one another, because Bahr had already discussed their abolition.

The President of the German Medical Association also praised the Pharmaceutical Reorganization Act (AMNOG) enforced by Phillipp Rösler, with which the "pharmaceutical industry shares in the costs of health care in solidarity" without significantly affecting their basic chances of winning. "This was" an ingenious coup " , "Which one would never have expected from a liberal and only because of that could he succeed," said Montgomery.

Reform of the health insurance system urgently required On the opening day of the German Medical Day, health experts Karl Lauterbach (SPD) and Jens Spahn (CDU) were invited to a panel discussion, where they were able to present their ideas for the future design of health insurance. Lauterbach used graphs and tables in a rather scientific discourse to explain the bottlenecks in the healthcare system and pointed out that in the foreseeable future it would no longer be affordable for the two systems to coexist. Fundamental reforms are therefore urgently needed. This was also confirmed by Jens Spahn, who pointed out that the future of private insurance is also being discussed in the Union. A change of system in the direction of citizens' insurance for all people in Germany has so far not been an issue at the CDU. For his part, Montgomery was amazingly clear in favor of maintaining the two-tier system of private and statutory health insurance. Both pillars are important and "have made a decisive contribution to the undeniable success of the German healthcare system," said the President of the German Medical Association. According to Montgomery, "the existence of private health insurance is very important for the statutory benefits catalog" and "if there were no private health insurance, we would already have a much slimmer service catalog in statutory health insurance." play their market power against patients and doctors completely unabashedly ”and we already have“ an innovation and competition free zone ”, continues Montgomery.

Two-class medicine According to the President of the German Medical Association, the introduction of citizens' insurance would significantly advance the development of two-class medicine. Today we still have no real "two-class medicine", but "this would arise immediately if patients and doctors were dictated in a single insurance policy how the medicine of the future should look," said Montgomery. However, there is a little impression here that the President of the German Medical Association is simply trying to protect a business area that is extremely attractive to doctors. Because many medical professionals earn well from the privately insured. Contrary to Montgomery's words, a two-class medicine has long since developed, with extra waiting rooms for private patients and special advantages when it comes to appointments and medical care. Anyone who has not had an appointment with a specialist for months as a legally insured person should pretend to be a private patient for fun - the result should be surprising. However, it could cause a bit of an upset as soon as the doctor determines that "only" a legally insured person is on the mat. (fp)

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