Day of the pharmacy: what belongs in the medicine chest?

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Pharmacists offer free pharmacy review

Today, “Pharmacy Day”, numerous campaigns take place in pharmacies across Germany, in which the experts provide information on the correct composition of the medicine chest.

Interested parties can find out free of charge today in the local pharmacies about the correct equipment of the medicine chest. “Pharmacists are experts in pharmaceuticals. Take advantage of the advice provided by the pharmacies and have your home pharmacy checked, "said Heinz-Günter Wolf, President of the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations (ABDA), during a campaign for the nationwide" Day of Pharmacy "in Berlin.

Free check of the medicine chest One time, the pharmacists offer the service of a check of the medicine chest free of charge for today's “Day of the pharmacy”. Anyone interested can find out from the participating local pharmacies about the correct equipment of their own pharmacy. According to the ABDA, the campaign is also intended to draw attention to the performance of pharmacies and their wide range of advice. In general, the experts advise that the contents of the medicine chest be checked regularly - at least once a year. Expired medication should be disposed of immediately. Because "if the expiry date of a medication printed on the package has expired, it must not be used - unlike a food, for example," the ABDA warned. In addition, certain medications, such as eye drops, open after opening can only be kept for a few weeks, which is why the experts advise that the date on which the medication was started to be noted on the package. According to the pharmacists, bandages should also be replaced regularly, as they lose their quality over time.

Optimal equipment of the medicine cabinet depending on the individual's living situation According to Heinz-Günter Wolf, the equipment of the medicine cabinet is optimal for the patient “also depends on the living conditions and personal needs.” For example, “a family with small children needs medicines other than a single “Explained the ABDA president. As a guide, the ABDA offers “a comprehensive checklist for the medicine chest on its website. In principle, "besides individually required medication, preparations for acute illnesses, for example pain, belong in the medicine chest," according to the announcement by the Federal Association of German Pharmacists' Associations on the occasion of today's "Day of Pharmacy". (fp)

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