Foodwatch awards the "Golden Cream Puff"

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The brazenest advertising lies are chosen with the "Golden Cream Puff"

Brazen advertising lies are common in the food industry. Manufacturers are often on the margins of what is legal, but laws are usually not exceeded here and it is hardly legally possible to comply with them. In order to sensitize consumers to the inappropriate advertising promises and to increase the pressure on the manufacturers for a truthful product labeling, the consumer protection organization Foodwatch is now awarding the "Golden Cream Puff" for the fourth time. All consumers can vote at “”.

Particularly brazen advertising promises are awarded The negative award goes to food products that stand out due to particularly brazen advertising promises. After a corresponding selection process, Foodwatch now offers consumers five products to choose from, all of which would in principle have earned the “golden cream puff”. On the website “” everyone can decide until mid-June which product should receive the award from the consumer protection organization. You can choose from the “Becel pro-activ” margarine from Unilever, the “Landlust Mirabelle & Birne” bag tea from Teekanne, the “Viva Vital minced meat” from Netto, the supposedly non-alcoholic beer “Clausthaler Classic” from Radeberger and the instant fruit teas for Infants from the 12th month of HiPP. Consumers' allegations of the individual products are extremely different, but for all candidates the statement on the packaging clearly contradicts the actual properties of the article.

Margarine as a drug? For example, Unilever advertises its margarine "Becel pro-activ" with the indication that it can be shown to lower cholesterol levels with the help of "highly effective plant sterols", which should give consumers the impression that the margarine is good for the heart or cardiovascular system. System is. In fact, according to Foodwatch, it remains open “whether the pharmaceutical margarine benefits the heart or maybe even harms it.” In addition, the long-term consequences have hardly been researched, but this does not prevent Unilever from selling the product through supermarkets. For Foodwatch, "Becel pro-activ" is synonymous with a "pill to put on bread", including the risk of side effects.

Industrial fruit tea and artificial flavors, instead of country lust with fruits The tea tea “Landlust Mirabelle & Birne” from Teekanne was nominated by the consumer protection organization for the “golden cream puff”, because the label says: “Enjoy a little trip to the country and discover The original enjoyment of familiar fruits that can still ripen in peace. ”The product image conveyed here does not correspond to the actual content, according to the consumer protectionists. Because only the standard ingredients of industrial fruit tea "plus aroma for imitated taste" are included, according to Foodwatch. Mirabelle and pear are only represented with pictures on the packaging, the taste is simulated by flavoring substances not explained in detail. The main ingredients - like most industrial fruit teas - are apple, hibiscus and rose hip. The price of four euros per 100 grams is therefore significantly overpriced. The fact that "the eponymous Mirabelle is a whopping zero percent contained" was the reason for particularly sharp criticism for Foodwatch.

Minced meat sold with water sold as low-fat The "Viva Vital Minced Meat" from Netto was nominated because it promises "30% less fat compared to mixed minced meat", which, however, does not - as suggested - refer to the "preparation of minced meat mixed with vegetable protein "Is due. In fact, the supposedly reduced fat is achieved by stretching "with a pamp made of water, wheat protein and flour", that is to say by reducing the meat content by around 30 percent, according to Foodwatch. The fat content of the meat, however, is even higher than that of fresh minced meat from the meat counter, since the latter uses “higher-quality, lean meat”, whereas the net processes the cheaper high-fat sections, criticize consumer advocates. The fact that customers should pay a surcharge of around 30 percent for this is another valid reason for the nomination of the "Viva Vital minced meat" for the "Golden Cream Puff".

Non-alcoholic beer despite containing alcohol? For the supposedly non-alcoholic beer "Clausthaler Classic" from Radeberger, the actual alcohol content of 0.45% by volume is the main criticism of consumer protection. According to Foodwatch, "Germany's brewers have always refused" to write the actual alcohol content on supposedly non-alcoholic beers on the label. According to the breweries, “alcohol-free” would actually be anything less than 0.5 percent by volume, according to consumer protectionists. Since Radeberger already labels the "Clausthaler Classic" in other countries as "low-alcohol" beer, truthful labeling would not be a problem here either, Foodwatch justified the current nomination.

Sugar-containing children's tea is not suitable as a thirst quencher The high sugar content of the instant teas "Fruits", "Forest Fruits" and "Apple Melissa" from Hipp had already caused a dispute between the consumer protection organization and the manufacturer in early May. Foodwatch criticized the fact that Hipp's instant teas are advertised as “thirst quenchers” even for toddlers from the age of 12 months, but the high sugar content makes them unsuitable as such Teas - can actually be good thirst quenchers, the Hipp products are anything but healthy and recommendable, ”said the consumer protectionists. According to Foodwatch, instant teas contain the equivalent of two and a half cubes of sugar (7.6 grams) per 200 milliliter cup. The manufacturer Hipp had opposed the allegations of consumer protection and said that instant tea complies with the legal requirements for children's tea. Also, only "natural herbal and fruit extracts are used for the tea," additional "artificial aromas" or tooth-damaging acids, such as citric acid, are not included. To speak of an ideal thirst quencher for toddlers here is nevertheless inappropriate and deserves the nomination for the "Golden Cream Puff". (fp)

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