In the first year of life, babies are not exposed to the sun

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Babies in the first year of life should not be exposed to the direct sun

Babies should not be exposed to the sun in their first year of life. Since toddlers do not yet have fully trained natural sun protection, they should not be exposed to direct sunlight if possible, the initiative "Sun Protection? Sun-clear! ”In a current press release.

Because the UV rays of sunlight are much more dangerous for the skin of toddlers than for adults, special care is required here. Anyone who thinks that the problem can be avoided even with the smallest with sunscreen is misleading. According to the experts, only avoiding the direct rays of the sun helps here.

The “Sun protection? Sonneklar! ”According to a general ban on sunbathing and it is only in the second year of life that the little ones are allowed in the sun with adequate sun protection every now and then. But here too, the child's sun protection cream only helps to a limited extent despite the high sun protection factor. The midday sun between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. should therefore be avoided even with two-year-old children. The UV radiation at this time is too dangerous for the child's skin, since it does not yet have a fully functional natural sun protection and the risk of skin cancer increases in later years with every sunburn in childhood.

As the experts of the initiative report, special precautions are generally required for children with regard to sun protection, because adolescents often play outdoors for hours and thus tend to be exposed to the sun's rays longer than adults. According to the experts, up to the age of 18 people in Germany have already absorbed 75 percent of the UV exposure that they get throughout their lives. (fp)

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