Daydreams also promote creativity in the office

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Daydreams can promote resourcefulness at work

Managers are unlikely to be very enthusiastic. Employees should also indulge in daydreams at times during working hours. According to Prof. Lothar Seiwert, an expert in time management from Heidelberg, they promote creativity.

Daydreams are pictorial fantasies and imaginations that, unlike sleeping dreams, are experienced in an awake state of consciousness. The dreams can either happen arbitrarily or consciously. Daydreams often happen in the office when, for example, the concentration weakens. The dreaming removes his attention from the external happenings and turns to his “inner world”.

According to Prof. Seiwert, daydreams can also promote ingenuity in professional life. "Afterwards, you are often more productive, effective and creative," explains the expert for. Those who perform consistently well need a break from time to time for their minds. His tip: look out of the window for about five minutes and dream, that could be helpful for creativity. (sb)

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