Having breakfast on the balcony is healthy

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Wake up better by having breakfast in the fresh air

If you are one of the owls in the morning and do not "get going", breakfast should be moved to fresh air on sunny days. The sun's rays, light and oxygen help the body to find the right rhythm, as advised by Prof. Till Roenneberg from Munich's Ludwig Maximilians University. Waking up is then much easier.

In summer, working people should use their balcony or terrace for breakfast. Whoever fills up with a lot of light and fresh air in the morning ensures more harmony with his internal clock, explains Prof. Till Roenneberg in Munich. Many people experience the ringing of their alarm clock in the morning as "too early". The internal clock signals to the late riser that it is far from time to get out of bed early. Getting up and getting going is very difficult. However, the sunlight can help to make it easier to start the day early, as the expert advises.

Do not darken bedrooms People often darken their bedrooms. But it is bad for sleeping habits to sleep in completely darkened rooms, the professor reports. If the light is missing, the organism loses any clue whether it is time to sleep or to be awake. As a result, many lose reference to their natural need for sleep. It is better to go to bed at fixed and recurring times. "The more regularly you sleep, the more effective your sleep will be," says Prof. Roenneberg. The body then adjusts itself to certain times and knows when it is time to calm down or to get up.

A recent study found that many people suffer from social jet lag. As a result, the risk of being overweight increases and accordingly also for diabetes or cardiovascular diseases. (sb)

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