Montgomery for dual system with GKV and PKV

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Head of the German Medical Association Montgomery for a dual system with statutory health insurance and private health insurance

The German Medical Association (BÄK) makes a strong plea for the maintenance of statutory and private health insurance. Frank Ulrich Montgomery, President of the BÄK, underlined once again the rejection of a citizens' insurance demanded by the SPD, the Greens and the Left.

Many new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures introduced by private health insurance "In order to maintain the quality of the current health system despite dwindling resources, we need competition between statutory and private health insurance," Montgomery told "Die Welt" yesterday. This is the only way to guarantee a comprehensive catalog of services for all patients. Through private health insurance (PKV) there are numerous new methods of diagnosis and therapy that would not have been introduced without them. "The PKV approves them quickly and usually puts the health insurance companies under pressure, with the result that they follow and all patients can benefit from innovations."

However, the BÄK President also points out that private health insurers themselves are responsible for solving their financial challenges. It was their responsibility. The horrendous brokerage commissions amounting to 2.7 billion euros annually are particularly dramatic. “After all, that's half as much as you spend on the performance of us doctors. That's a lot of money. The PKV has to save here. That she can't do it without legal help from the government is a sign of poverty, ”criticized Montgomery.

Although he sees the private health insurance as future-proof, some things have to change. "The industry has to do something, otherwise its business model is in question," warned the BÄK President. Montgomery rejects an alternative citizen insurance policy demanded by the SPD, the Greens and the Left and said: “I do not believe that a citizen insurance policy that aims to abolish private health insurance is feasible. No previously known model can withstand constitutional review. For example, it is an expropriation-like intervention if cash contributions are levied on all incomes. The health insurance companies must not become tax authorities either. ”(Ag)

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