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Panic attacks: Physical as important as psychological therapy: Chinese medicine helps well with severe physical complaints

Rapid heart rate, sweaty pearls, shortness of breath accompanied by rapid breathing, tingling skin and trembling arms and legs - people with panic attacks go through hell and often feel fear of death. Such anxiety attacks usually occur completely unexpectedly and usually do not last longer than 30 minutes. Standard therapy includes psychological behavior therapy, which generally achieves very good results. Nevertheless, physical treatment approaches should also be part of the good therapy mix. Chinese medicine, for example, knows external and internal therapeutic procedures that work well.

Panic attacks usually have very different causes: some have occurred since childhood, others for the first time during menopause. From the perspective of Chinese medicine, there is another important trigger: infections. Dr. Christian Schmincke, TCM expert and head of the clinic at the Steigerwald, explains: "Simple infections, such as non-healing colds, are not minor illnesses, but can favor or cause serious illnesses - including panic attacks." This also explains why the Chinese medicine not only relies on psychological care for panic patients, but also uses procedures that strengthen the body. In addition, a variety of physical symptoms accompany panic attacks. Shortness of breath, dizziness, etc. are sometimes so severe that those affected see them as life-threatening and are afraid to die. "Experience shows that the more the body reacts in an attack, the better Chinese therapy methods work," explains Dr. Schmincke.

Measures - despite the same symptoms - are based on individual diagnostics. "We are looking for the physical and mental roots of the disease. Through pulse and tongue diagnosis and a very precise anamnesis with questions about sleep, excretion, infection behavior and mood disorders, we receive essential information. ”The therapy is based on five pillars. Acupuncture and moxibustion, Tuina massages, Qi Gong and vegetarian food support therapies with Chinese medicines, which always form the basis. In patients with panic attacks, the rootstock of the Coptis plant is always part of the medication. It has a so-called "lowering" effect. Schmincke explains: "Lowering means calming down and taking the overactivity of Qi out of your head." But whoever thinks that he can administer herbal substances himself is wrong. Coptidis Rhizome is a highly effective substance that should only be used under medical supervision and in very dosed amounts. In addition, every body reacts differently to this medicine. Used incorrectly, it has a strong damping effect. Other parts of the therapy concept: saving on hard psychopharmaceuticals such as anxiety relievers, sedative and sleep medication as well as gaining a distance from everyday life. (pm)

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