Pelvic floor training also good for men

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Incontinence: women shouldn't jog

Long walks, long car trips, a relaxed visit to the theater - almost unthinkable for people who suffer from bladder weakness. Although an estimated five million people in Germany are suffering from mild to severe urinary incontinence, only a few seek medical advice. A visit to the urologist is recommended at the first sign of bladder weakness. With this disease, residual urine remains in the bladder, which provides bacteria with a good breeding ground and sometimes leads to painful inflammation.

While urinary tract or bladder infections due to bacterial pathogens are often present in women with pathological urge to urinate, increased bladder pressure in men often indicates benign enlargement of the prostate. Every second man over 50 years of age suffers from this. But functional disorders such as an overactive bladder or kidney disease can also be the cause of frequent urination in both sexes. Especially in men, urge incontinence is the most common type of incontinence. An uncontrollable contraction of the bladder muscle then leads to involuntary loss of urine. Young women in turn often suffer from so-called stress incontinence. Here urine comes off when coughing, laughing, sneezing, getting up with a full bladder, during sports, lifting, i.e. during physical exertion. "A comprehensive clarification of the medical history as well as urine and ultrasound examinations provide information about possible organic causes," says Dr. Reinhold Schaefer. Urologists also create a fluid balance for two to three weeks, the so-called micturition protocol. Urine analyzes also provide important information about possible kidney diseases, which can also cause frequent urge to urinate.

Depending on the type and severity of the disease, urologists use various measures. Medicinal therapies are an efficient treatment method for bladder infections, an overactive bladder or benign prostate enlargement. Surgical interventions, which are often minimally invasive and therefore very gentle, are also used. Experts also recommend exercises such as regular pelvic floor exercises to strengthen the bladder sphincter - for women and men. Women with stress urinary incontinence should also better avoid jogging. For example, a woman who jogs 3-4 times a week strains her pelvic floor enormously. What everyone else can do themselves against incontinence: avoid obesity, get plenty of exercise and enjoy alcohol only moderately. The following applies to all measures: The earlier treatment begins, the more successful the therapy. However, going to a specialist is important for the sole reason of differentiating benign prostate enlargement in men from possible prostate cancer. (pm)

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