Healthy breakfast for more concentration

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A healthy breakfast increases concentration and reduces the risk of being overweight

Children can concentrate better at school if they have had a real breakfast beforehand. Prof. Dr. Thomas Danne, chief physician of the Hanoverian Children's and Adolescent Hospital "Auf der Bult". It is important to ensure that the breakfast is wholesome and healthy.

Healthy breakfast strengthens concentration
Many children do not like breakfast in the morning. Breakfast, however, can increase concentration and improve wellbeing. If the little ones eat muesli or whole grain bread in the morning, they not only go to school hungry, but also do not become overweight so quickly.

In order for children to be able to concentrate adequately at school for a longer period of time, parents should serve whole-grain bread or healthy muesli in the morning. A diet high in carbohydrates reduces the risk of high blood sugar levels because the carbohydrate-rich diet increases slowly and longer than white flour meals or low-fiber sweets. The morning carbohydrates provide the brain with constant energy. This increases the child's ability to react, as the chief physician of the children's clinic “Auf der Bult”, Prof. Thomas Danne, reports in Hanover. Danne is also the chairman of the "diabetesDE" initiative.

No breakfast favors overweight and diabetes
When children eat sweets, the blood sugar level rises very quickly and then drops again as much as it has risen. As a result, the children are only able to perform for a very short period of time and a lack of concentration could then occur. In principle, children should never go to school without an adequate breakfast. According to the expert, this has another important reason: if the children leave the house in the morning without having eaten anything, they are more likely to be overweight than children who eat a regular breakfast. Children and adults who carry too many finds carry an increased risk of suffering from type II diabetes in the course of their lives. This disease is still considered to be almost incurable.

How children will eventually like vegetables, whole grain bread and fruit
Children often don't like whole grains, vegetables or fruit. The pediatrician advises the parents to be patient with their little ones. The so-called “mere exposure effect” often helps. This means that if parents offer their children healthy food from time to time, they will eventually like food that they previously vehemently rejected. "Try at least once" is the motto. Children should be encouraged by their parents to at least try out the food on offer without actually eating it. Gritli Bertram, social worker from Hanover, advises parents to give them enough time for breakfast in the morning. “Nobody likes to eat anything in baiting,” says the teacher. But it also depends on the preparation. "If the loaves are lovingly arranged, they are more likely to tempt you to eat". It makes sense to submit different offers. "If the apple is rejected, a banana or pear could taste good". It is important never to use force when eating. "The opposite is the case, and the children refuse the forced food until adulthood," explained Bertram. (sb)

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