Dioxin eggs also in Bavaria

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First dioxin discovery also in Bavaria: Health authorities discover contaminated eggs in retail stores

As the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety announced, PCB and dioxin eggs were also sold in Bavaria. According to the agency, food inspectors have discovered contaminated chicken eggs in at least one shop. The eggs come from the three now closed chicken farms in Lower Saxony. Courtyards in Bavaria are not affected.

After dioxin finds were found in Brandenburg, Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia and Lower Saxony, inspectors have also discovered contaminated PCB eggs in Bavaria. The eggs come from companies in Lower Saxony, as the state health office in Erlangen found. The officials found a total of 16 egg cartons of contaminated eggs in the grocery store, a spokeswoman said. Consumers who find eggs with the stamp number 0-DE-0357661 in their refrigerator should under no circumstances consume the eggs, but should dispose of them in the household waste. In view of further investigations, the authority does not want to tell where exactly the dioxin eggs were located in the Free State. The spokeswoman also did not name the shop or supermarket concerned.

The other stamp numbers are: 1-DE-0354451, 1-DE-0354452, 1-DE-0354453 and 1-DE-0352691. Eggs with the numbers mentioned have not yet been found in Bavaria. Citizens who still find eggs with the source numbers in the trade should contact the authorities immediately.

The inspectors were made aware of the stored eggs in the shop. A hint had shown that the eggs come from Lower Saxony. Now the food experts want to understand the delivery routes in order to include or exclude further finds.

There is currently no immediate health risk for the population, as the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin emphasized. The established limit values ​​were clearly exceeded, but short-term consumption did not yet have any health consequences. So far it has not been clarified how the pollutants got into the eggs. The soil is currently not a source. (sb)

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