Cortisone administered instead of homeopathy

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In court: cortisone instead of homeopathy

On March 20, 2012, "dpa" announced that a lawsuit against a doctor from the Paderborn area is pending before the Paderborn District Court. The doctor is accused of giving her patients cortisone-containing medication for years, while her patients believed in homeopathic treatment. A doctor who sent her son to the colleague suspected that the healing success had not been achieved with homeopathic remedies. Suspicious about the very rapid success, she initiated a laboratory test, which revealed residues of an agent containing cortisone. The court has filed lawsuits against more than 50 patients. At the center of the procedure are possible consequential damages from the cortisone used. The prosecutor's allegation is assault and fraud.

The German Central Association of Homeopathic Doctors (DZVhÄ) takes great note of this process. The presumption of innocence naturally applies first of all. If the allegations are confirmed, it is a serious abuse of trust towards the affected patients. So far it is not known whether this is a doctor who has been given an additional title of homeopathy by the Medical Association.

The lawsuits relate to the side effects of cortisone A relevant secondary aspect: The pending lawsuits from the patients apparently relate to the serious side effects that cortisone can cause. This leads to the accusation of physical injury, that of cheating from covert treatment. So do doctors commit physical injury if they accept the possible side effects of Cortson? The dpa mentions in its report: osteoporosis, parchment skin, star diseases on the eye and growth disorders in children. In addition, from a homeopathic perspective, there are concerns about the use of cortisone because suppressing symptoms can result in more serious other symptoms. "Even if we believe that cortisone is used too often, it is generally true that cortisone is a highly effective medicinal product in medical hands," says Cornelia Bajic, first chairwoman of the DZVhÄ, "which is used in some cases - despite these concerns got to."

In any case, the use of this agent without the patient's knowledge is questionable, but also the use in self-treatment. Cortisone is found in several over-the-counter medicines; some of which are even advertised on television. "The prescription-free nature of cortisone - also when used locally as an ointment - must be checked," suggests Cornelia Bajic. The majority of the side effects mentioned can only occur when taken orally. But at least cortisone causes permanent damage to the skin even when used locally - not to mention the concerns about the suppression of symptoms. (pm)

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