Almost every fourth child has psychological problems

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Almost every fourth child is being treated for mental health problems

Almost every fourth child under the age of twelve is treated on an outpatient basis in Saxony because of psychological problems. This was the result of a survey by the AOK health insurance. For physician Peter Schwarz from the Dresden University Hospital, the cause is often in the children's social environment.

Social environment often triggers psychological problems in children
According to the AOK survey, the number of children under the age of twelve who are treated for mental health problems rose to just under 59,000 in 2010. That was a significant increase compared to previous years, the health insurance company said last Wednesday when it presented its 2011 health report. The CEO, Rolf Steinbronn, spoke of "sheer numbers". In 2011 alone, those under the age of 18 who were insured with AOK received psychostimulants for 3.5 million euros. This is scary. "Saxon children take 1.1 tons of Ritalin every year," explains Peter Schwarz from Dresden University Hospital. In his opinion, the cause is often in the children's social environment. "The less secure social structures a child has experienced in their home environment, the more it will feel less safe at school, too. "

General increase in mental illnesses More and more adults are suffering from mental health problems. According to the AOK health report, almost ten percent of workers' absenteeism can be attributed to mental illness. "There is a trend that many employees are absent because of this," explains Steinbronn. However, as in previous years, insured persons were most frequently treated for respiratory diseases with 22.4 percent and muscular and skeletal disorders with 15.6 percent. The average number of sick days was 15.3 days in 2011. (ag)

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