Natural remedy olive oil helps with itchy scalp

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Naturopathy: Olive oil as an old home remedy for itchy scalp

Olive oil can help with an itchy scalp. An oil treatment for the scalp is recommended once a week, explained Dirk Meyer-Rogge, an expert from the professional association of German dermatologists, in Berlin. In addition to different skin diseases and fungal infections or an infestation with head lice, skin that tends to be too dry can also be used as a trigger.

If head lice can be ruled out as the cause of the unpleasant scalp itching, dry, sensitive skin is often the cause of the complaints, explained Dirk Meyer-Rogge. But while those affected “encounter dry areas on the body with creams”, we “don't apply lotion on the scalp,” emphasized the expert from the professional association of German dermatologists. Instead, the scalp is additionally degreased and stressed by cleansing shampoos. A remedy could offer a weekly hair treatment with olive oil, according to Meyer-Rogge.

Often the cause of the itch is an overly dry scalp. Olive oil can help here as a home remedy, explained Meyer-Rogge. However, before using the oil treatments, it should be ensured that no other illnesses are the cause of the complaints. A superficial inspection by friends or a doctor can often provide information here and identify, for example, head lice or eczema as a trigger. The eczema is characterized by severe reddening of the skin, blistering, swelling and scab. Head lice can be seen with the naked eye as tiny black animals and "by no means a sign of poor hygiene, but occur in all social classes," explained Dirk Meyer-Rogge. Under certain circumstances there is also a "fungal infection behind the itch", which "can be transmitted for example by pets", the expert continues.

If neither head lice, a fungal infection or eczema are the cause of the itchy scalp, the skin is often subject to general skin irritation. These mostly go back to a too dry scalp, which in turn can be caused by different factors, explained Meyer-Rogge. Since the skin is the "mirror of the soul", stress often plays a decisive role here, according to the expert from the professional association of German dermatologists. As a result, the skin lacks moisture, which makes it brittle and causes itching. Moisturizing creams could help, but "we do not apply cream to the scalp," emphasized the dermatologist.

As a home remedy, Meyer-Rogge therefore recommends olive oil, which can be applied to the scalp as a cure. The oil treatment should be applied to the scalp once a week in the evening before going to bed with a pipette or small syringe and act overnight, the Karlsruhe dermatologist explained. To protect the bedding, users can "put a towel on the pillow," Meyer-Rogge continues. The next morning, the olive oil can be removed by washing hair with a mild shampoo. However, "please do not use any shampoo against dandruff", "but one that is recommended for daily cleaning", emphasized Dirk Meyer-Rogge. Also, the olive oil cure can only help against the dryness of the scalp, this proven home remedy offers little help for infections or more serious skin diseases, according to the expert.

If the itching is accompanied by pain, a visit to the doctor is urgently recommended anyway, since in such cases the unpleasant itching of the scalp can also be the result of a girdle or a bacterial infection, explained Meyer-Rogge. For bald men or men with extremely little hair, according to the expert from the professional association of German dermatologists, special caution is also advised, as the rough, itchy spots on the scalp can be the first signs of cancer. (fp)

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