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New book release: "Full taste - steam cooking for the whole family"

For most it is a question of very good taste, but for many it is also a question of healthy cuisine - steam cooking. With the new recipe book "Steam Cooking - From Baby Mash to Family Food" by the child nutrition experts Ingeborg Hanreich and Britta Macho, parents and grandparents score high on quality and healthy nutrition.

In principle, all dishes can be prepared not only in the steam cooker, but also in a pot with a sieve insert or in a wok with a bamboo basket. The family recipes from the Hanreich publishing house surprise big and small meat tigers, sailors, sweet woodpeckers and plant lovers with delicious tips.

Whether sterilizing baby bottles or cooking babies' menus from the age of 10 months in the steam oven, the new cookbook shows how easy it is. Small extra portions can be conveniently placed in the steamer with adult food. Many a menu for the youngest also tastes great to parents. This way, fresh cuisine for young and old can be created without much effort. In this book you will learn all the advantages, but also the limitations of the method. The book not only provides you with valuable tips for choosing when buying your steam oven, but also for preparation, e.g. for the right temperature selection.

How about "stuffed peppers" or fluffy "Kaiserschmarrn"? Cooking professionals will find plenty of inspiration in the recipes. Simple instructions let even newcomers enthusiastically swing the wooden spoon. For freshly baked steam oven owners, the book is the one
Instructions for magic high quality family kitchen. Whether healthy fish recipes, vegetable variations or meat: the new cookbook for healthy steam cooking is the ideal guide for a full kitchen. Steam cooking - from baby porridge to family food, 1st edition February 2012
Price: 14.90 euros, ISBN 978-3-901518-17.

The authors:

Ingeborg Hanreich:
completed her studies in nutritional science at the University of Vienna in 1991. She has been an IBCLC breastfeeding consultant since 2003. As a freelance expert, she is primarily dedicated to the area of ​​"mother and child nutrition". She holds seminars and lectures for parents, counselors, midwives, nurses and pharmacists. She was the founding president of the Association of Austrian Nutrition Scientists and from 1995 to 2009 she was a board member of the "Information Group on Child and Nutrition" (IKE). She has been a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences for Midwives in Vienna, Krems and Salzburg since 2008. At the beginning of 2010 you will be looked after by the (Austrian) fee-based nutrition hotline for mother and child.

Britta Macho: graduated in Nutrition and Housekeeping from the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in 1983 and 1987 at the Federal Vocational Education Academy in Vienna, where she became a teacher for nutritional science and household economics. From 1995 to 2009 she was a member of the board of the "Information Group Child and Nutrition" (IKE). For many years she worked as a freelance nutrition scientist, since 2006 in her own company, nutrition e3 Macho & Reiselhuber OEG. As the mother of two children, she constantly tries out recipes and numerous tips and tricks as well as the practical feasibility of recommendations from the books of the publisher I. Hanreich.

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