Marriage increases survival after cardiac surgery

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Marriage increases the chances of survival after heart surgery

Various studies have already established a connection between life in a marriage or similar permanent partnerships and health factors. Now US researchers have found that the chances of survival after heart surgery are higher for married people than for people who are separated or divorced, widowed or never married.

According to the US scientists, heart patients living in a marriage were on the one hand significantly less afraid and on the other hand significantly higher chances of survival in the next five years after heart surgery. In relation to the first three months after the operation, the survival rate for married couples was around three times higher than for singles. In the long term, it was still almost twice as high, Ellen Idler from Emory University in Atlanta (Georgia), David Boulifard and Richard Contrada from the State University of New Jersey in New Brunswick (New Jersey) report in the journal "Journal of Health and Social Behavior ”. The survival advantage for female and male patients was increased, according to the authors.

More than 500 cardiac patients examined The US scientists had evaluated the data from the medical records and psychosocial interviews of 569 cardiac patients as part of their investigations and also recorded the differences in five-year mortality. This was compared with the relationship status of the cardiac patients, whereby it turned out that the chances of survival of the married women were significantly higher than those of the single person. According to Ellen Idler, the difference in mortality was "remarkable". In addition, the researchers were also able to determine significant differences between the married couple and the singles in their feelings in connection with heart surgery. Patients living in a marriage were therefore much more optimistic and less anxious than the single ones.

Positive health effects of marriage or marriage-like partnerships According to the US researchers, the fact that the married couple's chances of survival after cardiac surgery are significantly higher than those of single people is also due to the nursing support of their partners. Furthermore, these would also influence the spouse's unhealthy habits (e.g. alcohol and tobacco consumption), which further improves their survival prospects. With their research results, the US researchers confirm previous studies in which a relationship between living in a solid partnership and positive effects on health has already been established. The older clinical studies already provided some evidence that marriage or marriage-like partnerships significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases in men and that adult mortality rates decrease overall, Ellen Idler and colleagues write in their current article. Also, according to a recently published study by Canadian researchers, married men who have a heart attack, or a typical stinging chest or heartache, arrive more quickly in the emergency room, which demonstrably increases their chances of survival. Overall, the positive health effects of solid partnerships cannot be dismissed out of hand, according to the US researchers. (fp)

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