Too much multivitamin juice is harmful to health

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Stiftung Warentest: Too much multivitamin juice can be harmful

As Stiftung Warentest now reports, a test of 22 multivitamin juices from different manufacturers gave a worrying result: Many multivitamin juices are overloaded with vitamins and contain too little fruit flavors.

Few fruit flavors and too many synthetic vitamins Stiftung Warentest advises consumers not to drink more than a glass of multivitamin juice per day. The proportion of fruit flavors is often too low, but the vitamin content is too high. Of the 22 juices tested, only one multivitamin juice scored "very good" and two "good".

The main criticism of consumer advocates is the high content of synthetic vitamins, which do not come from the fruit but are produced artificially. Overall, they would be overdosed, even though smaller quantities are often stated on the packaging. Anyone who exceeds the daily dose over a longer period of time "risks health damage". One liter of multivitamin juice, for example, is significantly higher than the recommended daily dose. A healthy balanced diet is enough to supply the body with all the necessary vitamins. Additional multivitamin juice would then not be necessary.

In addition, the juices tested often contained only the smallest amounts of exotic fruits. Since some manufacturers would only use fruit juice concentrates, the necessary redilution aromas were missing for the redilution. In this case, the drink should not be declared as "fruit juice".

Too many vitamins are unhealthy For a long time, vitamins were essential to protect yourself from the common cold and other illnesses. However, it is now known that excessive amounts can harm health. The use of synthetically produced vitamins, which are often taken in pill or effervescent tablet form, especially in the cold season, is often questionable.

In certain life situations, however, it may be necessary to take appropriate preparations. These include, for example, pregnancy, breastfeeding or serious chronic illnesses. In any case, medical advice should be obtained before starting to take the vitamin supplements. (ag)

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