Humidifiers pose a health risk?

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Humidifiers can be an additional health hazard

Humidifiers are supposed to help protect health in heated rooms. But researchers at the German Society for Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine (DGP) warn that the devices can trigger diseases of the respiratory tract. The reason for the increased risk of disease from humidifiers is the pathogenic germs that can multiply in the devices, the experts at the DGP explained. The researchers warn that sensitive individuals are at risk of inflammation of the alveoli due to the bacterial load.

Germs in humidifiers The increase in germs in the humidifiers leads to the development of a so-called humidifier lung in people with sensitive airways. The alveoli become inflamed, those affected suffer from fever, coughing cough and recurrent breathlessness, especially during physical exertion. However, it is not only humidifiers that pose an increased risk of disease. Because "A humidifier lung can also be caused, for example, by poorly maintained air conditioning systems or contaminated indoor fountains or by steam irons, the water content of which has not been changed for a long time", said the warning from Dieter Köhler, member of the scientific advisory board of the DGP. Humidifiers are far from the only household appliances that can cause respiratory problems.

Avoid allergens to prevent humidification. In principle, according to the expert, different allergy triggers can cause inflammation of the alveoli, although numerous medications and chemicals are known to be allergens. By avoiding the allergen, however, the complaints can be dealt with relatively efficiently in most cases. The symptoms begin to regress after a short time, but avoiding the allergens "presupposes that the allergy trigger can be identified, which is not always easy," explained Köhler. (fp)

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