Diabetes in Hessen increased rapidly

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Hesse Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians: The number of diabetics has increased by 49 percent

According to the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung (KV) Hessen, the number of diabetes mellitus cases in the federal state has increased by 49 percent in recent years. For some time now, experts have been warning of the increase in cardiovascular diseases, obesity and diabetes, which can be attributed, among other things, to a lack of exercise.

More and more people suffer from illnesses caused by physical inactivity The representative “sample of insured persons AOK Hessen / KV Hessen” is carried out continuously and has now delivered the frightening result: from 2000 to 2009 the number of diabetes cases almost doubled.

The highest increases in the number of diabetics were recorded in the “60 plus” age group. According to KV Hessen, this applies to both men and women. However, the prevalence has reached particularly dramatic proportions in women over the age of 60. It is now 12 percent. “A few years ago, it was unthinkable that the 10 percent mark would be broken. We are now well above that, "report the two chairpersons of the Hesse Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, Frank-Rüdiger Zimmeck and Dr. Gerd W. Zimmermann.

What could be the cause of the sharp increase in diabetes? The experts disagree. Obesity, a western lifestyle, lack of exercise and aging of the population are suspected. "Wherever the increase comes from, it is a fact and it causes an increased effort in medical practices that is currently not adequately remunerated. The increase of 49 percent in need of treatment in Hesse in Hessen stands in stark contrast to the statutory fee increase of 1.25 percent for 2012. “The data should now be included in the upcoming fee negotiations.

Diabetes rises rapidly in children At the end of last year, researchers found that the number of children suffering from diabetes has increased rapidly in the past 15 years. Michael Hummel, diabetologist and deputy chair of the Diabetes Research Group at the Helmholtz Center in Munich, attributes the increase in type 2 diabetes cases primarily to obesity, which is affecting more and more children. Improper nutrition and lack of exercise are the trigger. But until a person develops increased insulin resistance, he is usually no longer in childhood. In children, type 1 diabetes is in the foreground.

The cause of type 1 diabetes has not yet been fully clarified. Experts believe that different genes are involved. Furthermore, environmental factors such as early childhood nutrition and infections are also assumed to be the cause. (ag)

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