Poultry sausage also contains other meats

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Poultry sausage also contains pork and beef

Poultry sausage often also contains beef and pork. However, this does not usually appear from the product name. Only a closer look at the list of ingredients reveals what is really in the poultry sausage. The German Agricultural Society (DLG) now demands clearly visible information on the packaging.

28 percent of sausage products do not consist exclusively of poultry meat. Consumers who buy poultry sausage should take a look at the list of ingredients for the product in the future. Because if you buy poultry sausage, you often get a product that contains beef and pork in addition to poultry meat. The DLG warns against raising false expectations among consumers. Therefore, a clearer labeling of the products, from which the contained meats originate, is urgently needed.

In the DLG test center for food, the ingredient lists of around 140 poultry sausages were analyzed, which underwent a quality test last year. The result was that only 28 percent of poultry sausages consist of pure poultry meat. As a rule, this would be technologically justified by the manufacturers, explains the scientific director of the DLG quality inspection, Irina Dederer. Poultry fat is not suitable for the production of every type of sausage. It is particularly unsuitable for salami. Instead, vegetable oils would often be used for cooked and cooked sausages and vegetable fats for raw sausages.

Largest German sausage test The largest German sausage test takes place in the exhibition halls in Erfurt, during which experts examine products from around 500 manufacturers. In addition to appearance and consistency, smell and taste are in the foreground. 770 testers examine around 6000 sausages, which include liver cheese, ham, sausages and canned meat.

Participation in the test is voluntary. The event gives manufacturers the opportunity to receive one of the coveted DLG gold, silver or bronze medals for their products. According to the DLG, the general trend in the sausage industry is towards light, low-fat products. Consumers would also like to choose regional and international specialties. In addition, packaged self-service goods would find more and more buyers, while sales at the sausage counter continue to decline. DLG Vice President Achim Stiebing said: "Meat products remain staple foods, but they have to meet new standards of enjoyment at a high quality level." (Ag)

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