Phytopharmaceuticals: Quality prevails

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Herbal medicines: Quality prevails

First of all, the good news: patient confidence in herbal medicinal products has remained unchanged. More than two thirds of the population uses natural remedies and above all appreciates the effectiveness and good tolerability of high-quality phytopharmaceuticals. Doctors and pharmacists also honor the research efforts of reputable manufacturers of herbal medicines: The results of studies with special plant extracts are increasingly being incorporated into the guidelines of scientific societies, reported Prof. Dr. Michael Popp, Chairman of the Research Committee for Natural Medicine (KFN) in Munich.

In recent years, hundreds of clinical studies have been carried out with herbal medicinal products, emphasized Prof. Popp. Despite the new knowledge gained in this way, one problem has still not been resolved: neither on the packaging nor in the package leaflet can manufacturers of herbal medicinal products indicate that their medicinal product contains an extract that has been used to carry out pharmacological and clinical studies on the efficacy and safety. In the interests of patients, the Natural Medicine Research Committee therefore calls for the legal provisions to be optimized, as is now required by the current EU directive.

For each natural product, the quality of the end product is defined by the raw material and the processing. The quality of a herbal medicinal product therefore begins with the selection of the seed or the type of cultivation. However, the technological maturity of the manufacturing process is just as important. A plant extract obtained with optimal technology is therefore not interchangeable with one that comes from the same medicinal plant but was produced under different conditions. For herbal medicinal products, there can therefore be no so-called "generics", that is, imitation products with identical active ingredients.
The research-based manufacturers of herbal medicines are therefore demanding more transparency for the products. Not only consumers would benefit from such a regulation. It is also necessary to continue research in this area. Prof. Popp: "We need reliable framework conditions nationally and in Europe in order to be able to fund our research." This is the only way for Germany to maintain its position as a natural pharmacy in the world. (kfn)

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