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The Techniker Krankenkasse recorded record growth for the past financial year

The statutory Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) recorded record growth among its members for the last financial year 2011. The fund now has 5.7 million insured persons subject to contributions and 2.3 million non-contributory members. Non-employed family members (spouse) or children are free of charge. According to the Techniker Krankenkasse, around eight million people in Germany are insured.

TK achieved high growth through the closure of City BKK in the middle of last year. Around 70,000 former City BKK insureds went to the technicians' cash register. Overall, the health insurance company recorded around 350,000 new customers in 2011 (net addition). It can be assumed that many have switched to telecommunications from health insurance companies that charge an additional contribution. The TK makes no additional contributions.

According to a spokesman, the budget volume for the current year 2012 is approximately 21.3 billion euros. The TK does not plan to introduce additional contributions and has announced that it will fund naturopathy and homeopathy in the future "if these have been prescribed by a doctor". Industry experts suspect that TK will continue to grow through attractive additional services. (sb)

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