Anyone who sees food gets an appetite

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Study: Anyone who sees food gets an appetite

The very sight of food triggers feelings of hunger. This was announced by the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry on Monday. The cause of the feeling of hunger is the hormone ghrelin, the release of which is triggered by optical stimuli.

Optical stimuli lead to appetizing hormone secretions. What many people had known for a long time has now been scientifically proven: even the sight of delicious food arouses feelings of hunger. The hormone ghrelin is held responsible for this. It acts as the main regulator of eating behavior and food utilization.

For the study, it was examined how young men react to pictures with tasty food or non-edible objects. For this purpose, the concentration of various hormones in the blood responsible for regulating food intake was measured. The scientists found that the ghrelin concentration increased when looking at pictures of delicious food. They explained that the ubiquitous display of appetizing foods, such as in advertising, could contribute to weight gain in the western world.

Petra Schüssler from the Max Planck Institute reports on the results of the study: "A mechanism that could tempt us to eat a piece of cake just two hours after breakfast." The scientist therefore advises overweight people to look at the appropriate foods if possible to avoid.

Most people know their real feeling of hunger. Last year, an online survey on the topic of hunger and nutrition was launched via the internet portal "". 84 percent of those surveyed stated that contrary to the assumption of the German Nutrition Society (DGE) that many people had lost access to the feeling of hunger to know their real hunger.

Due to the abundant supply of food and the ubiquitous, manipulative advertising in industrialized countries, the population is often assumed to have lost access to the feeling of hunger. (ag)

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