FDA is testing Pradaxa anticoagulants

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Health agency FDA reviews Pradaxa anticoagulant

The United States FDA is testing the anticoagulant Pradaxa from the German drug manufacturer Boehringer Ingelheim. The drug is suspected of causing severe internal bleeding in kidney disease. While reports of deaths from taking the drug Pradaxa are increasingly unsettling patients, investors at the pharmaceutical company Bayer are delighted. Bayer shares are currently one of the most sought-after trading papers on the German stock market.

The FDA in the United States is testing the drug Pradaxa, which was approved in 2010, for possible side effects. According to the FDA, there have been reports that the drug could cause severe internal bleeding in patients. According to the FDA, Pradaxa currently offers good benefits for patients with cardiac arrhythmias when used properly. For this reason, the medicinal product should not be discontinued on your own without consulting your doctor.

According to press reports, at least 260 people worldwide have died since taking the drug since its market launch in 2008. Previously, only 50 deaths from pharmaceutical circles were confirmed. In the meantime, the Boehringer Ingelheim group has confirmed the likely death. It was said on the part of the group that there were suspected cases, but the drug as such was effective and, when used correctly, did not unduly endanger the health of the patient. Patients whose kidney functions were severely impaired were particularly affected.

The laughing third is the pharmaceutical giant "Bayer". Its drug Xarelto also belongs to the new class of anticoagulants. Bayer is also hoping for billions of euros in the future, because people in the western industrial nations are getting older and are therefore more likely to suffer from cardiac arrhythmias. The company received approval for the new stroke prevention product for patients with atrial fibrillation in early November. Due to the negative headlines from the competition and the introduction of its own medication, the share recorded a price premium of 1.7 percent to 47.98 euros, making it one of the most coveted shares on the German market.

The FDA has announced that it will now work closely with the pharmaceutical company Boehringer to analyze the reported cases. The FDA notes that a safe drug is currently still assumed, but the test is a signal for the markets.

But is the competitor Bayer happy too early? Today, the FDA also wants to examine the “Yasmin” and “Yaz” birth control pills produced by Bayer more closely. Some recent studies have shown an increased risk of thrombosis in both pills. Bayer could also come to Schlingern for negative reports, because contraceptives are the second-strongest product group from Bayer. (sb)

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