Mountain cheese recall campaign for listeria

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Mountain cheese recall campaign for listeria

The Austrian milk processing company Tirolmilch GmbH has started a recall campaign for several mountain cheese products because of the contained listeria. The germs detected in the cheese rind are a risk that should not be underestimated, especially for immunocompromised people and during pregnancy.

As the company announced, the listeria were found "on the rind of several cheeses as part of internal quality assurance". Tirolmilch therefore launched a recall campaign for the affected cheese products and warned of the health risks. However, the listeria are only on the cheese rind, the inside of the cheese is not affected, according to the milk processing company.

According to information from Tirolmilch GmbH, the "Andreas Hofer Jubiläumskäse 250g" with a best before date until February 9th 2012, the "Tiroler Bergkäse 400g" are also stable until February 9th 2012, and the "Spar Natur Pur Bio Bergkäse 200g" are affected by the recall "With the best-before date 02 February 2012 and the" Clever Bergkäse 250g "shelf life until 09. February 2012 and the" Zillertal mountain cheese (sliced) 150g "with the best-before date 08. February 2012. Consumers should refrain from eating the affected cheese products.

Although infection with listeria is usually relatively harmless in people with good immune systems - at worst with symptoms such as headache, fever, nausea and vomiting - the germs pose a considerable health risk for people with weakened immune systems the infection often affects several organs. The immunocompromised people often experience life-threatening meningitis or blood poisoning in the course of listeriosis, the latter causing septic shock in about every tenth patient. Pregnant women should also avoid eating the cheese products mentioned, as they are on the one hand at a significantly higher risk of infection and on the other hand they can have serious consequences, especially for the unborn child. The likelihood of premature birth or stillbirth due to the infection with Listeria increases massively and there is also an increased risk of developmental impairment in the unborn child, since the infection in the mother's body can spread to the child's organism. (fp)

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