Cough syrup can cost driving license

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TÜV: cough syrup can cost driving license

If you drink cough syrup due to a runny nose, you could lose your driver's license. The TÜV Süd drew attention to this. Legislators make no distinction between prescribed medication or driving alcohol.

The case law makes no distinction between drugs and drugs at the wheel, warns TÜV Süd. "Many drivers had to pay a fine or had to give up their driver's license because they had actually taken harmless runny nose or cough medicine." A large number of medicinal products can severely restrict roadworthiness and cause traffic penalties, as a spokesman for the TÜV emphasized.

In particular, this applies if drivers take serpentine lines due to taking flu medication or cough syrup and thereby cause a traffic accident. Those affected may face high fines, driving bans and, in the worst case, even imprisonment. The TÜV experts therefore advise patients to inquire about possible restrictions on the ability to drive before using the drug in the pharmacy or at the doctor's. Alternatively, special information on possible impairments can also be found on the package leaflet.

Also harmless medication actually affected
What many do not know: Even harmless medicine for cough, body aches or headaches can reduce the response time and make the driver tired. It should be noted that the multiple use and the combination with other agents can produce a potentiation of the active ingredient, as the TÜV inspectors warned. According to surveys by the road traffic authorities, every fourth accident in Germany is caused by taking medication. Anyone who drives a vehicle despite the influence of medication and is subsequently involved in an accident is in most cases given at least one complicity. (sb)

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