Norma calls back gooseberries in the glass

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Recall: supermarket chain recalls gooseberries in the glass

It was recently announced that the food company Norma on Friday (November 18, 2011) recalled the article “Harvest crown of gooseberries sugared” in a 720 ml glass with the best-before date of December 31, 2014 (batch ISBCE 0918600 CS).

Risk of injury from spines and thorns The company announced that the glasses may contain spines and thorns, which could lead to injuries in the mouth and throat area. To protect consumers, the goods were removed from supermarket shelves last Friday. Customers who have previously purchased the item can return it to all Norma branches without presenting the receipt. The purchase price will be refunded.

Despite strict quality controls Production errors Norma reports that the spines and thorns got into the glasses despite strict quality controls. The recall campaign is a precautionary measure to protect consumers from possible injury. Norma said that the group regretted the production error. (ag)

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