Start exercising slowly after giving birth

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Women can slowly start exercising again after giving birth

After birth, many women find it difficult to get back in shape. The child is there, but the belly is slowly receding. If the midwife and doctor do not express any concerns, women can slowly start exercising again four to six weeks after birth. Prof. Ingo Froböse from the Center for Health at the German Sport University Cologne advises: "But mothers shouldn't overdo it shortly after giving birth, longer walks can be a good healthy start." Since the female body is heavily burdened by pregnancy and childbirth, it is important to give the body enough time to regenerate. Gentle exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor and the back and abdominal muscles are suitable.

Which exercises are suitable for young mothers? After giving birth, the body is extremely weak. “So don't start from zero to one hundred. Ten minutes of light stretching exercises for the abdomen and back every two days are sufficient from the start, ”reports Prof. Froböse. Already 20 to 30 minutes of daily exercise, such as long walks in the fresh air would be enough to get back in shape.

There are retraining courses to prevent pelvic floor weakness. The midwives often show women the first exercises in the hospital. Yoga, Pilates exercises or kanga training can be started after about eight weeks, provided the midwife and doctor have no objections. Froböse reports: “After two to three months, training in the gym, for example, is fine. Then squats or training equipment such as the leg press are particularly good. "With caesarean sections, special caution applies. Affected mothers should definitely coordinate their sports program with a doctor. Before the caesarean section scar has not completely healed, however, physical activity should not be considered.

Healthy for mother and child Since an infant needs care around the clock, young mothers often only have the option of taking their child with them. The stroller can become a piece of sports equipment that the mother pushes in front of him when walking or lightly jogging. Relatively new is the kangaroo training, whose name is derived from the kangaroo "Kanga" from "Winnie Pooh". With this training method, the child is placed in a baby carrier in front of the stomach so that it is very close to its mother. Not only the mother has fun doing the exercises that are designed to increase endurance and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and muscles in general. (ag)

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