High fat food damages the liver

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A low-fat diet supports a healthy liver

Most people believe that only alcohol can harm the liver. But eating fat permanently can also lead to serious liver diseases, like Dr. Wolfgang Wesiack from the Medical Association of German Internists said on the occasion of the German Lebertag taking place on Sunday. Permanently high-fat food can lead to a so-called fatty liver.

In addition to alcohol, fatty food is particularly damaging to the liver. This is pointed out by internist Wolfgang Wesiack from the professional association of German internists on the occasion of the German Liver Day on Sunday (November 20). However, if you pay attention to a balanced, low-fat and healthy diet, you are actively preventing liver diseases. People who mainly consume fatty food permanently damage the organ. This can then result in a “non-alcoholic fatty liver”, as the doctor warned. However, not all fats are harmful. The internist believes that the absence of saturated fatty acids from animal fats is beneficial. In contrast, eating unsaturated fatty acids promotes liver health. The positive fats (omega-3 fatty acids) can mainly be found in high-quality vegetable oils and marine fish. For example, salmon, olive oil or nuts contain a lot of omega-3 fat.

Low-fat diet and active exercise stop fatty liver
Patients who already have fatty liver (steatohepatitis) can stop and even reverse the process of a fatty liver. The disease (with no signs of inflammation of the liver) is only of minor disease value, but shows early signs of a metabolic syndrome. To treat fatty liver, Wesiack advises a significant reduction in calorie intake, not drinking alcohol and ensuring sufficient exercise (endurance sports). If you change your lifestyle, you can start a reversible process. In addition, those affected should be vaccinated against the viral diseases hepatitis A and B. This reduces the risk that the liver may become inflamed. Inflammation of the liver can result in irreversible cirrhosis and fatal liver failure. Around ten million people in Germany suffer from fatty liver. In addition to alcohol habit, high-calorie food is the main cause of the development of a fatty liver.

In naturopathy there are further indications of how liver detoxification can be carried out. In addition to a fasting cure, detoxification can be supported with numerous medicinal plants. (sb)

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