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The German Heart Foundation has published a new guide to high blood pressure

The Deutsche Herzstiftung e.V., in which numerous renowned heart specialists are members, has published a new guidebook on the subject of high blood pressure. The title of the guide is: "Hypertension today - lifestyle, medication, new procedures" and was presented during the heart weeks with the main topic "hypertension". The booklet is primarily aimed at patients and provides information about all types of therapy for permanently high blood pressure. The authors deliberately used a language that is easy and understandable for everyone. In particular, the latest scientific and medical developments have been incorporated to ensure a comprehensive overview. Affected and relatives receive valuable advice and tips on how to deal with the disease.

Hypertension occurs when the blood pressure of the arterial vascular system is permanently higher than the standard values ​​set by the WHO. According to this definition, hypertension is present if the systolic value is above 140 mmHg on average and / or if the diastolic blood pressure (the second value on the measuring device) is at least 90 mmHg. "High blood pressure is often like a bomb that goes unnoticed for a long time and eventually goes off in the form of a stroke or heart attack. But how low should blood pressure be at what age?" These and more questions are answered in the special volume of the Heart Foundation.

All contributions were created by well-known cardiologists, psychotherapists and pharmacologists. The hypertension guide (88 pages) is available for three euros in stamps from: Deutsche Herzstiftung e. V., Vogtstr. 50, 60322 Frankfurt, keyword "special volume hypertension". The guide is free of charge for members of the foundation. (sb)

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