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Hypertension is the focus of this year's Herzwochen

This year's Herzwochen of the German Heart Foundation meet with broad support across Germany. The health risks of high blood pressure are discussed in numerous conferences, patient seminars, workshops and information events under the heading “Heart under pressure”.

Experts like Dr. Wolfgang Karmann, chief physician at the Kitzinger Land Clinic or the cardiac specialist and CEO of the German Heart Foundation, Professor Dr. Thomas Meinertz, currently on the reputation of high blood pressure as a so-called "silent killer". High blood pressure (hypertension) is actually relatively easy to diagnose and treat, but since the disease usually does not have serious physical symptoms in the initial stage, far from all those affected see a doctor. Many hypertension patients do not know about their disease at all and only seek medical help if there are serious health problems, explained Dr. Karmann opposite the "Main Post".

Creeping risk of high blood pressure According to the chief doctor of the Kitzinger Land clinic, around ten million Germans suffer from high blood pressure without being aware of their hypertension. In the long run, however, untreated high blood pressure poses considerable health risks, so that information work is urgently needed here, emphasized Dr. Karmann. For this reason, the Kitzinger Land Clinic will also be devoting a special event to the topic of high blood pressure as part of the heart weeks of the German Heart Foundation. Together with the adult education center, the clinic will be offering the “Heart Under Pressure” patient seminar on Saturday, November 12, from 9 a.m. During the seminar, the topic “Blood Pressure: The Underestimated Danger” will be discussed intensively, explained Dr. This also focuses on the initially relatively unspecific symptoms of high blood pressure, such as mild headaches, sudden heat spurts, heart throb and similar complaints. In some patients, high blood pressure actually leads to an increase in vitality at the beginning, while health is gradually being damaged by hypertension, according to the chief doctor of the Kitzinger Land Clinic. Untreated hypertension causes the blood vessels to become brittle, narrow or close, and there are serious health consequences such as strokes, heart attacks, kidney failure and blindness, warned the doctor of the possible health risks of hypertension.

Regular monitoring of blood pressure required According to the experts, high blood pressure is usually not diagnosed until the patient's organs have already been damaged, although hypertension would actually be relatively easy to determine. Regular visits to the doctor, where blood pressure is also checked, would practically exclude the risk of undetected hypertension. But which patient goes to the doctor when he actually feels healthy? Serious complications could be largely avoided by early diagnosis of high blood pressure. According to the experts, regular check-ups are therefore particularly recommended for people over the age of 60, because every second senior citizen now suffers from high blood pressure. Taking your own blood pressure measurements at home could also significantly reduce your health risks, explained Dr. Karmann.

Avoiding the consequences of high blood pressure by changing your lifestyle According to the doctor, the growing spread of high blood pressure is also reflected in the number of high blood pressure patients in the Kitzinger Land clinic. Here, almost 7,000 people suffer from high blood pressure, which corresponds to around 70 percent of the total number of patients in the hospital, explained Dr. At the Kitzinger Land clinic, there has already been a reaction to the increasing spread of high blood pressure and a team of specialists has been set up to significantly improve the treatment of high blood pressure patients based on an additional qualification from the German Hypertension League. Both the chief physician Dr. Karmann and Birgit Pavel have completed the additional training. Since then, hypertension patients have been "advised and motivated" separately to sustainably lower their high blood pressure. Weight loss tips and lifestyle changes towards healthy eating and sufficient physical activity are also part of the advice, such as the correct handling of blood pressure monitors. Because high blood pressure does not have to end in serious health problems if, in addition to the appropriate medication, there is also a lifestyle change and the patients are aware of their personal risk.

Patient seminar provides intensive educational work. In an emergency, high blood pressure patients should not be afraid to take tablets for their high blood pressure - even if the side effects mentioned on the package insert may seem frightening. Because the impending consequences of untreated high blood pressure are definitely worse in the long run than possible side effects of the drugs, the experts explained. However, a lifestyle change is even more crucial than taking medication. Hypertension patients should avoid tobacco and alcohol in any case, avoid stress, switch to a low-salt diet and ensure adequate physical activity, emphasized Dr. However, many hypertensive patients ignore this important information to this day. One of the reasons for the Kitzinger Land clinic to do intensive patient education next Saturday with the patient seminar. However, it is not about scaring the patient with the life-threatening consequences of untreated hypertension, but about factually informing about the risks, diagnosis and treatment options. Modern examination methods such as the determination of the biological vessel age are also part of the patient seminar. As part of the Heart Weeks of the German Heart Foundation, numerous other events on the topic of hypertension will be offered until the end of November, at which those interested can learn everything about the risks of hypertension. (fp)

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