If the heartburn is severe, see a doctor

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If the heartburn is strong and recurring, see a doctor

Anyone who continuously suffers from heartburn should not shy away from the way to the doctor. If the burning occurs only occasionally, the complaints are in most cases rather harmless. Usually, natural home remedies and dietary changes also help to effectively counter heartburn.

Heartburn is uncomfortable, but usually harmless if it occurs temporarily. If patients suffer from ongoing complaints, the path to becoming a specialist for (gastrologist) should not be spared. According to the German Society for the Control of Diseases of the Stomach, Intestine and Liver as well as Disorders of Metabolism and Nutrition (Gastro-Liga e.V.) in Wiesbaden, acid-binding and acid-inhibiting medicines can alleviate the symptoms. However, if the complaints occur repeatedly or continuously for more than 14 days, those affected should go to the doctor. The excessive stomach acid can lead to inflammation of the esophagus and / or ulcers. Heartburn has been proven to be a high risk factor in the development of esophageal cancer. Accordingly, the burning should not be taken lightly.

Acid regurgitation and heartburn are among the most common pathological symptoms of the digestive tract in Germany. According to the association, around 30 percent of Germans in Germany suffer from heartburn. The symptoms are often triggered by greasy and spicy foods, coffee, black tea, alcohol (especially red and white wine), cigarette consumption, stress and hectic pace. The beneficial factors provoke excessive release of gastric acid. In addition to the well-known symptoms, diarrhea, abdominal pain and flatulence can also occur.

It should be noted that the constant intake of chemical acid inhibitors suppress the important functions of gastric juice. This is responsible for preventing bacteria and microorganisms from entering the human organism. As a result, the development of infectious diseases is promoted. Pathogenic germs can penetrate the body more easily. In consultation with the treating doctor, a low-acid diet change should be carried out. Regular exercise in the form of light endurance sports and weight reduction for overweight are also advantageous. For more information on natural treatment options for heartburn, see “Home Remedies for Heartburn”. (sb)

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