Study downplayed cell phone risks

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Experts criticize Danish study on cell phone risks

The dispute over the effects of cell phone radiation on health is entering the next round. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) warned in May of the "possibly carcinogenic" effects of electromagnetic fields from mobile phones, while Danish researchers from the Institute for Cancer Epidemiology in Copenhagen concluded in October that there was no increase in normal cell phone use Risk of cancer.

However, the results of the Danish researchers met with considerable criticism from numerous non-governmental organizations and experts, because the study shows "serious errors", according to the French non-governmental organization (NGO) "Robin des Toits". The methodological errors of the study are obvious. A connection between the occurrence of brain tumors and mobile phone use cannot be ruled out on the basis of the Danish study published on October 20 in the specialist magazine "British Medical Journal", the criticism of the NGOs.

Study on cell phone risks with significant errors Numerous environmental and consumer organizations complained immediately after the publication of the Danish study about what they considered to be the most bogus data falsification in cell phone research and denounced methodological weaknesses in the study. The experts from the French NGO "Robin des Toits" currently also endorsed these allegations. "Robin des Toits" named the main mistakes that the users of company mobile phones were not taken into account in the investigation and that the study period was not sufficient to make reliable statements, since brain tumors often only break out after 30 years. This long latency was not taken into account in the current study, which took data from 1982 and 1995 into account. In addition, the Danish study did not analyze the risk of cancer in children from cell phone radiation in more detail, which many experts believe is particularly sensitive to the radiation. Overall, the study, in which the data from more than 350,000 cell phone users from 13 years was evaluated, was therefore not meaningful. Possible correlations between the long-term use of mobile phones and the tumor diseases in the brain can still not be ruled out, according to the criticism of the experts from "Robin des Toits".

Link between cell phone use and brain tumors The French NGO also relies on the British professor at the University of Bristol and specialist for the effects of radiation on human health, Dens Henshaw, who described the results of the Danish study as "worthless" . In addition, "Robin des Toits" quotes the expert from the US health institute "Environmental Health Trust", Devra Davis, who said that the World Health Organization (WHO) will not take the results of the Danish study into account when assessing mobile health risks because "the Investigation not rated as reliable ". The study by the International Cancer Research Center continues to be the current basis for the WHO classification of health risks from cell phone radiation. The IARC Interphone study published in May, when comparing data from 13 countries, concluded that there is a slightly higher chance of developing disease from special brain tumors (gliomas) in people who use their mobile phones a lot. According to the WHO, a connection between the occurrence of brain tumors and cell phone use cannot be ruled out. (fp)

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